Clean Agent to help the environment

Our clean agent fire suppression systems help protect critical high-value assets from the threat of fire, minimize downtFull Story >

Marioff Hi-Fog Protection

Marioff Hi-Fog® provides rapid and effective fire suppression through a versatile and highly efficient fire fighting medFull Story >

About Kidde

Kidde Australia is part of UTC Building & Industrial Systems. We work each day to make the world a safer place. ThroFull Story >

Superior flame detection protecting critical assets

Detector Electronics' flame detectors are solutions for applications in which risk to personnel is high and where fiFull Story >

World leading fire fighting foam and hose

Fire fighting foam and hose are essential in fire fighting situations.  Kidde supply a range of protein and synthetFull Story >

Sentinel Vehicle Systems when business continuity is important

Kidde provide fire protection for industrial and commercial vehicles that include seamlessly integrated control, detectiFull Story >


Kidde provides world class technology

Kidde provides world class leading fire fighting technologies including the highly sophisticated Det-Tronics flame and gas detectors to Marioff H... Full Story >

Emergency Response

Kidde provides 24/7 emergency response in emergencies

Kidde provides urgently needed stocks of foam concentrate and fire fighting equipment to major incident sites around Australia.... Full Story >


Kidde offer a complete range of support services

Kidde provide a range of services including engineering and design services of Kidde Fire Engineers through to product maintenance, repair and te... Full Story >

Product Videos

Media Library

Kidde have a range of videos which provide information about our product range.  Please view our library for items which may be of interest.... Full Story >


Rescue Equipment

Whether you work in fire and emergency services or industries such as mining, construction, petrochemical and pharmaceutical, you know that having the right tools, equipment and protective clothing can be the difference between life and death.


Kidde are world leaders in special-hazard fire and explosion suppression systems for land-based, vehicle and marine applications. Our state-of-the-art delivery systems utilise a broad array of extinguishing agents, including the latest gaseous agents as well as wet and dry chemicals, water and CO2.


When a fire occurs, you need to know quickly and reliably. Our detection technologies cover almost every hazard: from the simplest heat actuated device to cutting-edge flame detection, from aesthetically pleasing point smoke detectors to areas covered by high sensitivity aspirating smoke detectors.

Fire Fighting

Fire-fighters and first-responders in the municipal/civil, industrial and government/ defense areas worldwide rely on Kidde products for the fast and efficient fighting of fires. We offer an extensive product range, including a wide variety of hoses, foam concentrates and fixed and mobile systems to deliver extinguishing agents to the fire.


Kidde offer a range of Aqueous suppression systems provides solutions to industry, most notably petrochemical and oil and gas for the fast and efficient knock-down and control of fire events.

As the world's largest manufacturer of fire safety products, Kidde's mission is to provide solutions that protect people and property from the effects of fire and its related hazards. For more than 90 years, industry, the military, airlines and firefighters have relied on Kidde to deliver superior fire fighting products, detection and suppression systems.

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